Hi Internet!

When to Science was started many years ago (and was recently rebooted as is the trend nowadays) because I had the idea of learning about new science topics and getting to share that with the world (aka anyone passing by this blog).

I got my B.S. in Biology and M.A. in Biotechnology with the hopes of working in a lab setting and contributing to great scientific research…as many of us dream of doing. However, reality played out a bit differently than I hoped. With no path to getting into a lab, I decided to pivot to writing science stuff because it gave me the most enjoyable experience I had: learning new stuff.

I enjoy learning about science more than anything else, so in-between working at an office and playing video games, I read as much as I can about the new stuff we see coming out of labs across the world.

I hope that you enjoy the content you find here and please feel free to share with friends.

-Mohendra S.